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What makes us different...

Patient pioneers through innovative technology

SourceGO is keeping Patient’s data safe and enabling Mobile Research Nurses to deliver off-site visits more quickly and improving data transparency.

SourceGO is Illingworth Research Group's specialist dedicated application to enable clinical trial documentation to be managed electronically. Specifically supporting Mobile Research Nurses in document upload and management whilst completing off-site patient visits.

By taking care of this documentation electronically this app saves time, paper and allows documents to be viewed and assessed more quickly. SourceGO is continuing to support Illingworth Research in its mission to be able to deliver clinical trials anywhere to anyone.

SourceGO® application

App visuals and core services

The SourceGO® app is designed to keep patient's data safe and enable the delivery of Mobile Research Nurse visits. The application allows users to:

  • Submit clinical trial documentation
  • Upload documents
  • Management patients files
  • Quicker upload and access to documents

The SourceGO® app can also be designed to suit the particular requirements of each clinical trial to ensure the service is as tailored as possible to the studies needs.