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Mobile research nursing

Taking the clinical trial visit direct to the patient, so participation is convenient for them

Patient concierge

PatientGO®, is a patient travel, expense reimbursement and accommodation booking service


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US Biotech

During the visits to the home, the Illingworth nurse performed venous blood sampling for drug (PK's) and processing alongside patient assessments. Meaning, all logistics for the visits were handled by the Illingworth Research Nursing Project Manager this included arranging couriers, transport of the nurse to site and specific nurse training. Furthermore, quality checking and source documents were also considered and were sent through to sponsor in a timely manner.

Global CRO

The Research Nurses used their experience and knowledge to help us avoid any pitfalls managing patients in their own environment, in this case at home. This is a very specialised task and they tailored their support to meet our needs as well as those of the study protocol and endpoints. In my opinion, we benefited greatly from this experience and their professional, yet comfortable working relationship.

Paediatric patient caregiver

Since our specialist clinic is 2.5 hours by car or 1.5 hours by train and public transport, it is an incredible relief for us to have a specialist Research Nurse come to our home for a short visit. This saved us time, money and stress for our 7-year-old son. Above all, it was much more pleasant to have the procedure done in a homely, relaxed atmosphere. A big plus for us, is the empathetic and positive nature of the nurse. Our Research Nurse made the whole process a nice visit, like a friend of the house popping by. Without compromising professionalism!

Rare disease patient

I have been having regular home visits for a few months now and I have found that having these visits at my residence is so much more convenient for myself. For instance, I feel  much more comfortable in my home setting, rather than an informal hospital setting. It is also beneficial time wise and financially: travelling to a hospital requires my: time, money, petrol and paying for over-inflated parking. So this is a cost saver, not to mention the time it takes drive, park and wait for a nurse to attend to you. In short, home visits eliminate all these inconveniences.

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