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What makes us different...

A passion for research while maintaining compassion for patients

Illingworth Research Group offers specialist clinical research solutions designed to make participation easier for patients. Our Mobile Research Nurses complete off-site clinical trial visits, internationally to lessen the patient burden. PatientGO® is a dedicated patient concierge app to support with travel and reimbursements. 

Mobile Research Nursing is a service we hold very dear. We truly believe in the patient centric approach within the clinical trial environment we are proud to deliver a revolutionary service in line with the highest standards of clinical care and regulatory adherence. Illingworth provides highly trained, qualified, and experienced research nurses to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and medical device industries, across a range of therapeutic areas. The introduction of PatientGO® enables us to further strengthen our offering to support patient's and we feel delivers a more holistic solution. This partnered with our imaging and videography capability makes for a unique set of experience and approach to clinical trial delivery.

Our clinical research solutions...

Patient focused solutions

Our mission

To be the best patient focused clinical research solutions company worldwide

Illingworth Research's vision is to become the most well-established mobile nursing provider in the world, but why stop there? Our drive to continue to grow and deliver our clinical solutions is to develop a new approach to clinical research. Furthermore, to challenge why we have always done things a certain way. Modern technology and patient empowerment enable us to review the past and question, what might be possible in the future.

Mobile Research Nursing has become increasingly popular with the patient centric movement of recent years... but why stop there? With further services to follow we're sure as the popularity and availability of telemedicine the possibilities are endless.

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Countries where our research nurses operate


Years' experience providing these solutions


Years' experience providing these solutions

Clinical research solutions Mobile Research Nursing Internationally

Why we believe in this approach

At Illingworth Research, we believe we can make a real difference to the lives of real people. Families should not have to travel hundreds of miles to receive a possibly life changing treatment. We have seen cases of families travelling over 2,000 miles to receive treatment... this is not right. Our solutions aim to reduce the burden on families and sponsors and can be the difference between a trial’s success and failure for everyone involved.

Illingworth believes in making a difference in the lives’ of those that make a clinical trial a success – the Patients. Each day, we ask ourselves. How we can best support patients and sponsors to deliver a successful, timely and beneficial clinical trial while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction?


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Complete woundcare solution