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Testimonials – Research Nursing

Why Choose Illingworth Research?

Illingworth Research Group has a large bank of highly trained research nurses who can support site teams when resources are short or to conduct clinical trials visits to patients at home, school or place of work. Our experienced clinical trial nurses work on clinical trials on a daily basis and, as a result, have current, relevant experience on which we can draw. The provision of a mobile clinical research nursing service undoubtedly supports the clinical trial enrollment and retention. Below are some research nursing testimonials which speaks about how this service has helped patients and sponsors alike.

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Advanced Ovarian Cancer Study Client  - "We contracted Illingworth Research to provide home research nursing for this first in man study involving 3 specialist cancer units in the UK. Patients are required to have a sub-cutaneous injection every weekday from Monday-Friday over a period of, what can be, several months. Rather than patients having to attend hospital visits daily, Illingworth’s research nurses went into the patient’s homes Tuesday-Friday every week and the patient would attend the hospital clinic every Monday.

If a home research nursing solution is not used, patients, who are terminally ill, have had to travel to the hospital every day until disease progression or death. This is a huge commitment, especially in this patient population. The nurses are incredibly flexible, allowing patients to choose the time of the visit to fit around their daily activities, family and home life.

All logistics are handled by Illingworth. For example, the drug needs to be transported temperature controlled and is picked up from the hospital pharmacy daily by the research nurse and taken to the patient’s home via temperature monitoring.

Involving home research nursing has improved the quality of life for all these patients. At the end of life, enrolling into a trial is a stressful experience. With patient centric care, it becomes less stressful and helps to enroll and retain research patients when they know this resource is available to them.

I have no hesitation in recommending Illingworth Research’s Nurses and will certainly use them again."

Vice President, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development, UK Biotech

UK Department of Health Teenage Pregnancy Project -  “I would like to thank the research nurse team for all your superb effort and hard work in supporting this study over the last year. Your team’s support has been invaluable in this time and has contributed to the substantial total achieved sample.

I am also grateful for the regular problem-solving discussions about various aspects of the trial. I also realise that given the intervention and the study population, this trial was something of a learning curve for many of your staff and I am grateful for their perseverance in what on occasions have been trying circumstances. Thank you once again for all your help!”

And, “Support for the study was required at 11 PCT trial sites throughout England. Illingworth Research was able to provide research nurse cover at these sites and consistently provided a professional service throughout the set-up and recruitment phase of the trial. Illingworth was able to provide qualified and experienced research nurses to cover each site where additional support was required, and were able to continue this support on an ongoing basis as and when it was needed, at times with very short notice.

Illingworth communicated with us in a timely and regular manner and provided us with detailed updates of the status of their nurses’ paperwork (to work at NHS sites). They proved to be very reliable and their staff were very accomplished at the challenging task of recruitment in this hard-to-engage population. Their research nurses helped to recruit 412 participants into a trial total of 1645, and we have been impressed by the quality of their work and their professionalism”.

Associate Director and Study Management Team, Trials Unit, UK University.

In relations to a Chronic Refractory Cough Study "…Enrollment for the UK far exceeded expectations while maintaining high quality. The home research nursing service provided by Illingworth’s research nurses was outstanding. It reduced the burden on the patients and this certainly helped enrollment overall as many visits could be performed within the patient’s home or place of work…"

Vice President, Clinical Operations, US Biotech Company

Feedback to an Illingworth Research Nurse, after an MHRA inspection: “I think that the number of findings were testament to how well you have performed on the study and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work.”

Project Manager, Global CRO

Here are my thoughts on home visits…

The availability of home visits was one of the deciding factors in my agreeing to take part in the current clinical trial.  The trial involves a good number of “attendances” or contacts with the medical professionals – if I had to go to hospital for everyone, which is a round trip of almost two-hours of travelling along busy urban motorways, I wouldn’t have volunteered for it.  Even the expenses paid wouldn’t have compensated for the aggravation involved.

As it is, the home visits so far have all been highly satisfactory – it’s much more comforting to be at home, in a relaxed setting, when the various procedures and observations are carried out, and it’s much less invasive of my time.  The two nurses I’ve dealt with have both been efficient, professional, friendly – and lovely!

So, one satisfied “customer” – if that’s what I am!

Chronic Refractory Cough Study Patient Reference

Long-Term Essential Thrombocythaemia Study Client Reference  - (A nurse is giving a elementary age boy a flu shot at the doctor’s office.) "Illingworth Research provided excellent independent research nurses in the UK to support a long-term study managing a large number of patients with myeloproliferative disorders requiring long term follow up, in particular patients with Essential Thrombocythaemia. Their research nurses visited the recruited patients at home enabling them to remain in study and compliant with the study protocol.

We had important time and performance constraints and the team of nurses worked in cooperation with our monitors and project managers. The team listened to our needs and delivered. The nurse team kept our patients and sites motivated allowing us to reach our goal which was to keep as many patients in the follow-up as possible until study closure.

The research nurses used their expertise and knowledge to help us avoid any pitfalls managing the patients in their own home environment. This is a specialist task and they tailored their support to meet our needs. The most impressive part about working with the Illingworth research nurses was that they can be trusted to deliver what they promised us in meeting our milestones and responding rapidly to requests for information on patient status.

Illingworth provided a predictable, high quality service that has not been matched by any other company in the UK."

Vice President, Clinical Operations, Global CRO