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Kevin Jacob

Senior Medical Photographer

Kevin joined Illingworth Research Group Limited in 2011 to expand and promote its Medical Photography service for clinical research.  Kevin has over 15 years experience in this sector previously having worked as Principal Medical Photographer within the CRO and Biotech industries, leading their teams of medical photographers and imaging technicians.  Kevin is experienced in establishing and translating the photographic requirements from synopsis to practical resolution, whether subjective image review panels or objective endpoint data analysis.

Kevin also has extensive experience in the ethical, procedural and regulatory aspects of pre-clinical and phase I-III studies.  Kevin has worked on over 40 (primary/secondary) imaging studies, ranging from single centre to global 60 site studies. Experienced in 2D, 3D, video and specialist imaging devices, he provides international clients solutions within the; anti-scarring, accelerated healing, dermatitis, immune system, fungal condition and vascular therapeutic areas.  Prior to joining the medical photography profession, Kevin worked as a crime scene photographer with the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service, gaining extensive technical knowledge and practical experience in the use of infra-red and ultra-violet wavelengths to record latent detail in often challenging situations.