What is a Research Nurse?

What is a Research Nurse?

A Research Nurse put as simply as possible is a nurse trained specifically to work within clinical trials. They will have an excellent, empathetic approach to the patient and often their families, with the relevant GCP (Good Clinical Practice) training and skills.

So, what is a Mobile Research Nurse?

Here at Illingworth a Mobile Research Nurse is a nurse who is confident and experienced delivering the above in the site. As a result, a Mobile Research Nurse completes some site visits at the patient’s convenience – that might be at home, school or work. Nurses have the time to build a rapport with patients’ and their families during these visits which benefits the trial more widely. This will mean  patients feel better able to discuss the trial and study drug with their visiting nurse.

What sort of procedures are usually performed?

Obviously Mobile Research Nurses can’t perform all visits away from the site, the best one we were ever asked was “can an MRI be done in the home?” Of course, the answer was no. Mobile Research Nurses can deliver a range of procedures, providing the equipment is not too big or heavy, these might include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Adverse Event assessment and safety evaluation​​
  • Vital Signs - RR, PR, BP, temperature (oral, tympanic, infra red)​/ Abbreviated physical examinations​ ​
  • Blood draw e.g. PK, safety labs and centrifuge process​
  • IMP (study drug) administration ​
  • CRF, eCRF and validated questionnaire completion​
  • Courier collection for samples inc. temperature-regulated shipment​
  • Attaching/detaching monitors e.g. cough/spirometry/cardiac​
How do I become a Mobile Research Nurse?

Illingworth generally prefers nurses to have some Research Nurse experience before Nurses complete visits away from the site. If you think this might be the role for you please email a CV to careers@illingworthresearch.com . Our nurses work on an ad-hoc basis delivering a truly patient centric service to clinical trial patients.

Top tips!

As a research nurse the most challenging aspect is staying organised, especially as a mobile research nurse!

Ensuring you have a bag for each trial can help you keep everything organised, this can contain:

  • routine equipment
  • hand wash
  • cheat sheets e.g. pertinent information from the protocol and lab manuals
  • doggie treats!!

Doggie treats for those home visits are the quickest way to make friends with the patient's best friend.