Tales of a Research Nurse…

Sarah Forrest – Blood Samples and Hula Dancing

My role as an off-site research nurse requires me to visit patients in a setting of their choice and convenience to carry out procedures such as blood sampling, administration of medications, recording of blood pressures, or applying monitors. Usually this is within their own home but occasionally it is convenient for them to see me in their place of work or even a holiday location.

I am currently visiting a lady each week to take a blood sample from her. She is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, so her mobility is limited She has been taking lessons in hula and is hooping as she is aware that this would improve her core strength which is important in patients suffering from this condition. Each week I ask her how she is progressing, and as I commented that I have never been able to hula hoop, she has shown me what she has learnt and explains the theory of it to me.  We move the chairs back to allow more space and have a go! I can now hula a lot better than previously.

I think my patient enjoyed sharing her knowledge and showing me her new found skills. We have a few minutes of fun and laughter at each visit, which we both enjoy and look forward to the next visit.