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The appropriate design of a clinical trial is essential, both to ensure that your trial leads to unbiased conclusions and that it is designed in accordance with ethical guidelines. A well-designed study is critical for preventing many common problems at the data analysis/statistics stages.

We can offer statistical services for the entire process of a clinical trial from planning and conducting to interim and final analysis as well as reporting. We are looking at more than just the numbers. Our aim is to review all elements of a clinical trial and from there perhaps review with you the best approach to make that trials results as valuable as possible.

Bespoke Solutions for all Trial Phases

Our industry wide experience supports us in advising how we can deliver the best solution for you, whether that be in early or late stage trials. Our team are also from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds meaning we have specific experience within most therapeutic areas.

Services available include:

  • Analysis of datasets
  • Statistical analysis compliant with GCP and CDISC standards
  • Assistance with writing study protocols, which will go on to provide excellent data for analysis
  • Guidance on methodological issues, such as trial design, safety variables, and control groups
  • Assistance with writing statistical analysis plans
  • Guidance on statistical issues, such as sample sizes, appropriate use of statistical tests, and the adjustment for confounding variables