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Extensive Experience Specifically with Cough Monitors in Clinical Trials

All members of this specialist team have extensive industry experience and experience of working with cough monitors for use in clinical trials. Additionally, we have conducted cough challenge studies involving the inhalation of tussive agents/substances such as ATP, Capsaicin, Citric Acid and Distilled Water. These substances were inhaled via a nebulizer, controlled by the KoKo DigiDoser and the number of induced coughs counted.

Illingworth has a unique set-up for specific respiratory studies, engaging with selected commercial ‘super-sites’ in the UK and Europe, giving you access to unprecedented patient numbers to take part in these trials. These ‘super-sites’ have a comprehensive pedigree in respiratory research and are considered experts in this therapeutic area, both in device and drug studies.

Illingworth   Research   Group   has   many   highly    experienced    respiratory    Project   Managers and CRA’s who co-ordinate the submissions required to set up the studies within these 20 sites. Since the UK ‘super-sites’   are   commercial   units   and therefore outside of the National Health Service, they do not require R&D approvals and can, as a result, obtain decisions very rapidly making it an attractive option for sponsors.

Our network has fully trained ARTP physiologists together with the latest equipment;

  • Body boxes
  • Various spirometers
  • Analysers
  • Oscillometry
  • Exercise challenge equipment
  • Lung clearance index
  • Challenge chambers
  • FeNO (nasal/exhaled) plus differential NO
  • Vibration resonance imaging
  • Exercise testing VO2 max
  • Central spirometry over reading
  • Doppler USS and 64 slice PET/ CT
  • Full endoscopy and bronchoscopy services
  • Biomarker laboratory