Promotions of Gerard Barron and Juliet Hulse

Illingworth Announces Promotions of Gerard Barron and Juliet Hulse

Illingworth Research Group, a globally respected, patient-focused clinical research solutions provider, is pleased to announce the promotions of two of its senior management team, Gerard Barron and Juliet Hulse. Gerard Barron will assume the role of Vice President, Global Operations, and Juliet Hulse will assume the newly established role of Senior Director, Global Research Nursing Strategy and Patient Advocacy.  

Both these roles are a vital part in the development of the business as we strive for growth in our 21st year. Whilst Gerard will focus on the operational side of our solutions, Juliet will be able to focus her time working with patients and advocacy groups to truly understand how we can continue to develop and improve our services. 2019 was the first year we successfully completed over 1000 patient visits, and we are all excited to see how we can build on this in 2020, with these new roles being a critical part of our plans.” 

John Illingworth

Chief Executive Officer

In his new role, Mr. Barron will be responsible for supporting all operational activities across the company, including clinical operations, research nursing, and medical photography, to safeguard and continuously improve upon the highest standards of quality and integrity Illingworth’s clients and patients have come to expect, across the 45 countries Illingworth offers services 

In addition to providing further thought leadership to the industry, Ms. Hulse’s responsibilities will include the creation of a formal patient advocacy initiative. Ms. Hulse will lend her considerable clinical experience, as a former nurse and then leader of Illingworth’s mobile research nursing service, to supporting business development efforts and promotion of Illingworth’s service offerings.  

Illingworth Research Group is driven to create the best possible patient experience by unlocking clinical research solutions that focus on empowering patients.  

Patient Advocacy Juliet Hulse