Press Release: Illingworth Research Group Expands Mobile Research Nursing for Clinical Trials Into the Middle East and North Africa

Illingworth Research Group has become the first international clinical trials company to launch mobile research nursing for patients within the MENA region.

Illingworth, which works in 36 countries covering North America, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, is the longest-established provider of global on-site and off-site research nursing having pioneered the service for over two decades. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Illingworth has seen dramatic geographical expansion over several years.

Having a large network of experienced, registered research nurses presents the ability to conduct clinical trial visits in patients’ home, school or place of work, offering a truly convenient way for patients to participate in clinical trials. This service generally enhances recruitment rates as patients need to visit hospital less regularly, while it also enables those less mobile or who live in remote locations to take part. This approach to conducting research is proven to support retention rates, as patients often build a rapport with their visiting nurse.

“Having set up and successfully navigated our way through the requirements for off-site research nursing in Russia and administered drug in the home there, we decided the next target was the Middle East and North Africa,” comments Illingworth’s Chief Operating Officer, Helen Springford.“MENA is fertile ground for companies wishing to tap into a growing market. During a recent visit to a major cancer institution in Cairo, it was obvious that by offering off-site visits to patients participating in trials, there would not only enhance the experience for patients and their families, but would also relieve the burden on already overstretched hospitals with a lack of space to see patients.”

Hanan Ezzat Shafeq, Professor of Medical Oncology at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University and an experienced clinical trial investigator is excited with this new service. She says, “Having nurses to conduct clinical trial visits at home will make retention in trials much easier and will relieve the very real pressure on the institute. I for one am very keen to utilise this service for the good of the patients and their families.” Illingworth has hired a local country co-ordinator, Yaser Abdelfattah, based in Cairo. Mr Abdelfattah is responsible for growing the research nurse team both within Egypt and the surrounding countries and helping to promoting the service locally. A number of excellently qualified research nurses are already selected and ready to commence off-site visits. Yaser says: “It is my honour to be a part of Illingworth Research Group and I am looking forward to being part of this robust programme and making a difference in the MENA region.”

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Helen Springford
Chief Operating Officer