Press Release: Illingworth Research Group expands Medical Imaging offering

Illingworth Research has been offering medical photography since 2010, with a compact but growing specialist team. Following the first senior medical photographers joining from an accelerated healing biotech. Our team, expertise, global presence, and scope of services have expanded such that the title Medical Photography doesn’t truly represent the services we offer anymore.

As such the department has now changed to Medical Imaging, this reflects so much more than pure photography which overall, better reflects the services offered at Illingworth. Technology has enabled imaging for clinical trials to diversify into hand-held devices and mobile phones rather than traditional cameras always being required. This conveniently coincides with the Illingworth Research Group Ltd UK division moving to a new and larger office in Cheshire, UK.

Medical Imaging will continue to be led by Kevin Jacob, now with the title Head of Imaging, who currently oversees a range of global clinical trials which include audio visual endpoints or training literature, such as:

  • Audio files from therapist interviews with patients being captured and securely transferred from iPhones for session compliance monitoring,
  • Mobile video devices employed with lighting and tripod to record a range of patient movements and response times, then facilitate remote assessment,
  • Hardwired video (with audio) installations within dedicated hospital treatment rooms, with remote management and facial redaction prior to controlled patient safety observations,
  • Complex medical device and equipment set-up training videos created from pharmacy manuals, then with voice-over instructions and respective translations added,
  • High-resolution 2D SLR cameras configured for accuracy and consistency with specialist derma lighting to over-ride changeable ambient conditions, so facilitating validated objective image analysis,
  • Hand-held mobile tablets employed at patients’ homes to securely capture and transfer adverse event images from Illingworth Research Nurses to independent centralised clinical assessors via instant notification system.