Press Release: Illingworth expands UK Headquarters

Illingworth Research Group is delighted to announce the expansion of Macclesfield head office. 

Illingworth Research Group has expanded into a new building to accommodate current and future business growth. The original headquarters in Macclesfield, Cheshire was simply too small to accommodate an ever growing staff. The new building, like the existing, is an old listed silk mill and part of Macclesfield’s unique silk manufacturing heritage. The Research Nursing and Human Resources departments will now largely be based at the new address: 27 Park Street, Macclesfield, which is located next door but one to the existing premises. 

 In the past two years, Illingworth Research Group has announced its expansion into Australia and more recently confirmed the location of the US office in Denver, Colorado. The Chief Operating Officer, Helen Springford, commented: “The success of this global expansion created a need to restructure teams at head office to accommodate growth in all departments. At this exciting time for the company, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of this additional office space. The new building offers additional meeting room capacity as well as greater opportunity for remote workers to come into the office.”  

For more information please contact:
Helen Springford
Chief Operating Officer
+44 1625 617447