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Early Phase Expertise

Therapeutic experience includes: oncology, respiratory and orphan diseases

Illingworth has a long history of managing and monitoring phase I studies, both in the hospital setting and in phase I clinical units. We are able to advise on the relative merits of individual phase I units throughout  the UK, having worked regularly with most of them over the last fifteen years. We have also monitored phase I trials run in units in the Netherlands & France over recent years.

Our CRAs have monitored across all types of early phase studies, including first-in-man, single-ascending dose (SAD), multiple-ascending dose (MAD), multiple period-crossover, food effect, and bioequivalence studies.

As well as healthy volunteer studies, Illingworth has monitored phase I/Ib studies in oncology, respiratory viruses and orphan diseases such as Graves Disease.

Our proficiency and experience in monitoring early phase studies is recognised by the signing of an agreement with a top UK pharmaceutical company to provide monitoring services to their programme of phase I studies and with a top 5 global Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), to provide monitoring services to their phase I/IIa studies in the UK.

We also offer a unique service that encompasses not only the CRO services but these combined with our wider team, homecare research nurses and medical photography. If your IMP can be delivered at home our RN team can offer this. Do you need to show evidence of a drug reaction (or lack of) our medical photography team can train your sites (our home research teams can also do this) to photograph the injection site, an improvement in wound healing, a cutaneous reaction to your IMP or delivery system.  Rather than subcontracting we can deliver these services under one roof.