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Patient transportation during COVID-19

PatientGO® is Illingworth's patient concierge service dedicated to lessening the impact of clinical trial participation on patients and their families.

Ensuring patients reach their site visits safely and comfortably is our number one concern, and in the midst of this global pandemic, the pressure of patient drop-out weighs heavier than ever before.

PatientGO® is offering sites and sponsors a unique travel solution to protect patients, with specialist vehicles fitted with fully sealed and secure passenger compartments, electronic door controls, and independent ventilation systems between patient and chauffeur.

Proactive measures and inclusions:

  • Ground transportation designed to cater for COVID studies and all other indications
  • Dedicated project management support with site and patient liaison
  • Full use of the PatientGO® travel and expense reimbursement mobile application
  • No contact pick-ups and drop-offs with electronically controlled doors
  • PPE-ready chauffeurs with gloves and masks changed between journeys
  • Antibacterial hand gel readily available for both the patient and chauffeur
  • Vehicles meticulously disinfected between trips and deep-cleaned daily
  • Luggage handled by chauffeurs is disinfected before returned to the patient
  • Minimises patient burden and maximises retention
  • Hard surfaces cleaner and sanitiser persistent against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds.
  • Micrasil Ag+ hand santiser specifically produced to kill 99.9% bacteria viruses, yeasts and moulds. Silver ions ensure longer protection, up to 8 hours.
  • Vinyl disposable gloves, using and disposing of one pair per service to ensure hands are protected at all times and to reduce cross-contamination risks.
  • Disposable face mask with three layers of high quality, non-woven fabric, using and disposing of one mask per service. Requests for passenger masks are available upon booking