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Patient pioneers, solutions that work for patients and sponsors alike

Illingworth Research Group offers specialist Research Nurses for additional on or off-site support within clinical trials. Our research nursing service is offered internationally and Illingworth is pleased to provide this solution alongside or in collaboration with our Medical Photography services.

Mobile Research Nursing is a service we hold dear and truly believe in the patient centric approach within the clinical trial environment. We are proud to deliver a professional service in line with the highest standards of clinical care and regulatory adherence. Illingworth is pleased to provide highly trained, qualified and experienced research nurses to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and medical device industries, across a range of therapeutic areas. This partnered with our imaging and videography capability makes for a unique set of experience and approach to clinical trial delivery.


Why this approach works


There have been many cases where our nurses have provided a lifeline in allowing patients to continue their "normal" lives. Particularly sobering was a terminal cancer patients where out nurses allowed her to make and share Christmas cakes with her family with what she felt would be the last time in a family tradition. It reminded us what the service is all about keeping patients with the people they love, in often very challenging circumstances.

We've also have nurses dress up to make the children feel more comfortable in perhaps "scary" bits of their visit, one child taught the nurse to hoola-hoop while completing a visit, making the children feel as relaxed as possible ensure accurate data and a positive experience for the family.

Illingworth's support has also been invaluable where patients are located long distances away from their site. The most shocking example of this was an Icelandic family travelling to a Canadian site. This was particularly disruptive to family life, involving an Icelandic village, who lived very close to the patient's home provided improved support and greatly relived the stress of travel, income lose and family disruption.

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Comments from families of children in a rare disease study

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“With a home visit, you only lose half an hour instead of half a day. In the meantime, you can still do something at home.” 

"My opinion about the nursing service, was that it was all perfect, the nurse with her work and with the family, we are pleased and wish success in future working.  Well done’’ 

The nurse was very efficient to make an appointment and, above all, very flexible. The appointments were punctual, the blood was taken professionally, very competent, the nurse took sufficient time for our questions, the contact was very cordial and pleasant - all in all, it was a nice change to normal doctor visits.” 

“For me, the best part of home nursing is the time that it saves us from travelling to the hospital to perform just one blood draw, as it means wasting 1 day (sometimes 2) travelling, getting to the hospital and so on. We are very happy with the nurse that came to perform the visits because she adjusted the visit to us, so my child would not miss school at all.” 


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