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Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2017


Our last conference of 2017 this year hosted at the vast RAI conference centre in Amsterdam. Partnerships in Clinical Trials is one of the larger industry conferences and aims to tackle some of the future challenges and opportunities within the sector. This year’s theme was patient centricity and the changing attitudes of patient and pharma… One we simply couldn’t miss from the perspective our Research Nursing service.

John, Helen, Fiona and Richard attended this one and had a very busy couple of days between the partnering and our booth. It was really refreshing for such a big event to really address the future of clinical trials for the patients. We feel sometimes a forgotten group in a way, while companies remain so driven in finding the next drug the patients testing their safety and efficacy are sometimes not as well cared for as they could be we feel. Not in a medical sense, of course, more in the sense of the stress and inconvenience enrolling in a trial can sometimes cause. Therefore, it was no great surprise to us that the concept of Research Nursing was a hit, particularity alongside and medical photography and CRO services.

We were particularity interested in meeting orphan disease pharma where sometimes study sites can be hundreds of miles from a patient’s home. This is something we hope to have successfully achieved. Our passion lies in improving the life of the patient, patients who are often struggling with “normal” life, we want to show a new way where the patient can still be in the trial but also still have their normal life. Hopefully something we did successfully at PCT.