New StaySafe Application Improving Research Nurse Safety

New StaySafe Application to Improve Research Nurse Safety

At Illingworth Research Group, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a mobile research nursing service to our patients. Not only do we take patient welfare seriously, but the safety and security of our nurses too. This is why we have implemented a new and improved system of keeping our nurses safe when completing off-site visits. Previously, we used a ‘buddy system’ where nurses would telephone check in and out with another nurse when visiting patients away from study sites. Although a useful and safely implemented system at the time, the increased volume of work coupled with difficulty managing the system has now made it redundant.

A new application called StaySafe has agreed to partner with us. Through the StaySafe app, lone workers can log their arrival and departure from each visit by simply pressing a button. This not only reduces the work placed on us to ensure nurse welfare and safety but means we can efficiently track where each nurse is at all times. It has a GPS tracker and panic feature built into the system. We are thrilled to announce that we are the first and only provider to offer this service to our nurses and the system has already been successfully trialled on 150 research visits across the world. We are also sincerely grateful to StaySafe for providing a solution for us and allowing us to be the first user of this in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Associate Director of Research Nursing, Peter Allan concludes

We hope to never need to support a nurse under duress, but the StaySafe app and hub will allow us to deal with a difficult situation quickly and effectively”.

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