New Dermatological Symptoms Found in Coronavirus Sufferers

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed day to day life across the world. As our generation has never faced a condition like COVID-19 before. Scientists and medical professionals are constantly adapting and learning more about symptoms and side effects.  A new study has highlighted a different set of dermatological symptoms associated with the virus.

Dermatological side effects often occur alongside a virus, but it is only in recent weeks that scientists have discovered that this is also the case for coronavirus. The new study found that there are 5 types of rash prevalent in Covid-19 sufferers. According to the research, there have been many reports of Covid Toe, a rash that looks like chilblains, which appears on patients’ feet. However, lead researcher Dr. Garcia-Doval identified that the symptoms appear after the respiratory manifestation, so it is not efficient at diagnosing patients.


Studying  wounds in all these cases is vital to gain an understanding of skin conditions, like EB, so why not other illnesses? The careful monitoring of COVID’s dermatological symptoms could lead to breakthroughs in diagnosing or treating the condition. Medical Photography for research can be delivered remotely with calibrated devices meaning dermatological symptoms could be monitored without additional risk to any of our incredible keyworkers.

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