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Photography and Video Capabilites

Medical photography, and particularly the images taken for clinical trials, should be accurate and consistent whilst also conforming to set procedures and guidelines. Medical photography is a niche service provided by Illingworth which is proving to be influential within a clinical trial. Clinical photographs can be used in a range of applications concentrated within but not exclusive to dermatological trials.

Illingworth recently also introduced video services within the medical photography team. A development which broadens the applications of trial imaging and aims to offer the patient an alternative solution which may be an alternative to a site visit.

Clinical imaging can be completed by most clinicians on completion of some basic training, with Illingworth providing the training and tools to achieve an accurate image every time. Analysing these images offer a visual representation of trial changes.

Illingworth Research is able to provide the following photography services: medical photography, image review and feedback, image analysis, panel scoring, customising/standardising equipment, photographic equipment advice and guidance, training and on-going monitoring of non-photographer, advice regarding the input of photography into clinical trial protocols.

All our medical photography and consultancy is undertaken by fully qualified and trained Medical Photographers, both male and female, with working knowledge of the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry including all phases of clinical trials. Our Medical Photographers are full members of the Institute of Medical Illustrators.