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Image Analysis – Medical Photography

Validated Image Analysis

The analysis process is validated by Illingworth and approved by the client. Our medical photographers and/or contracted, trained assessors identify the target area to be analysed. The analysis data can either be embedded within study images or exported independently.

Objective analysis converts image pixel content into efficacy data, via analysis procedures and software.  Clinical experts, Illingworth Medical Photographers or imaging technicians can be engaged to select and quantify areas of interest (AOI).  Data extracted from images is almost limitless in variety but can be grouped into the following:

  • Changes in colour value, which can be separated into RGB, Lab or HSL colour channels to emphsise desired AOI
  • Dimensions, whether physical (X, Y, Z) values from rulers within the image to the roundness or mean value of an AOI
  • Differences within an AOI, between two AOIs or between the treated and adjacent untreated AOI