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Equipment Provision – Medical Photography

Equipment Provision

Supplying the Best Imaging Solutions

Whether originated from a smart phone, video camera, digital SLR, 3D scanner or dedicated medical imaging device, medical photographs are taken as a visual arrangement of pixels which record a subject, material or event in time. Our Medical Photographers explore the latest capture options and cost implications, then provide example images so enabling client’s to make informed decisions.

Whether purchased or leased, equipment selection also considers the accuracy and consistency of capture, in addition to the implications introduced by user ability and patient condition. Once finalized, imaging systems are calibrated to industry colour/spatial standards and optimum settings are fixed for both image accuracy and data consistency. Each system is calibrated prior to shipment and validated at the site prior to recruitment commencing, the resultant audit trail documents each system from construction to study close-out or system destruction.

Validated Electronic Data Capture (eDC) imaging options:

  • Utilize study CTMS (clinical trial management system) employed by client/vendor
  • Customize DB (database) supplied with tethered dedicated imaging system
  • Dedicated (drag-and-drop) Sharepoint imaging portal to hold images safely online
  • Interactive protocol specific eDC (Electronic Data Capture) system

Why Use Illingworth for your Imaging Equipment?

We have over 15 years managing clinical research imaging requirements and truly understand the needs of a trial alongside the specifications of imaging devices enabling us to offer the best imaging solution for a clinical trial. Illingworth is not contracted to any equipment provider meaning we are able to assess all the imaging equipment available and advise having considered every avenue.