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Clinical Assessment – Medical Photography

Clinical Assessments

Imaging for Assessments

Clinical assessment, statisticians, and lay panels can be engaged and managed by Illingworth in accordance with the client or protocol requirements.  Remote assessments compare treatments either within patients or across cohorts and/or time points, with assessor consistency parameters determined by the inclusion of repeat images or clinical assessment standards.

Assessments are securely controlled via calibrated devices and run centrally, remotely or via physical prints:

  • Ranking compares 2 or more images at once to produce binary data
  • Visual analog scale (VAS), results in a % score for each image
  • Double VAS, provides both the above in one assessment
  • Clinical assessment options are endless and identify the severity of a condition against known criteria
  • Quality of life questionnaires, which include images, gauge the patient’s perspective on condition change and/or severity