How can we make paediatric clinical research more family friendly?

At Illingworth this is something we are incredibly passionate about! Often these families face great challenges and must choose between ground-breaking treatments through clinical trials OR family life. A choice, which to us, seems both wrong and unnecessary.

Our mobile research nurses have seen and done everything when it comes to trying to improve a child’s experience. In one notable and very successful trial the nurses were providing chemotherapy dressed as fairies! Attention to detail and rapport is everything. If the nurse can speak to the child on their level it simply means a greater chance of patients continuing to participate in studies.

We have worked in a broad range of therapeutic areas such as muscular dystrophy, epidermolysis bullosa, cystic fibrosis and many more. We are proud to have supported families through what is often one of the most challenging and stressful times of their lives. Doing whatever it takes… one nurse had a patient teach her to hula-hoop after dosing.

Our approach empowers families. In turn it makes life better for their children.   Clinical studies can then perform better, recruit better, and retain more. As such the drug should reach the market faster to the benefit of everyone. Simply put, putting the patient first works.

For us it was important to have a home nurse during the clinical study, first of all because of the convenience of not having to leave home. Being in his own home when samples were taken meant my son was more relaxed and at ease. Having the same nurse visit each time meant we, as a family, had a familiar face on our difficult journey: the nurse built a beautiful relationship with us all.”

Quote from a parent

Nurse with child and CRF