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Findacure Conference 2017

Illingworth Research Group were gold sponsors at this year’s Findacure Conference. John, Richard, Juliet and Anita all attended the conference, along with our much loved Illingworth Bear. We are hopeful our sponsorship displays our continued commitment to supporting rare disease patients and families. Overall we had a great day at the event and always find it a great conference partially due to the wide variety of talks and people in attendance including talks from patients, clinicians, charities, the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organisations.
Juliet hosted one of the key presentations speaking of patient centricity in clinical trials and how this overall approach to clinical trials can lead to happier patients as well as more reliable data for a sponsor. As you can imagine a topic which was popular with the patients groups and certainly got some of the sponsors thinking we hope.

Findacure is a conference which aims to build a rare disease community. A community which has the skills and knowledge to help address the needs of rare disease patients. The event is vital in developing awareness, driving research and developing new treatments. The key focus on the best ways to improve the delivery of repurposed drugs to the patients that need them.

Low patient populations for rare diseases can make it difficult for families to seek help and understand what might be best for their loved one. Findacure aims to prevent this feeling of isolation and fear by developing the community which they feel provides an open forum for rare disease suffers and their families to speak openly and seek help.