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DCT Digital Week Presentation

Patient Pioneering – How Technology Holds the Key to Diverse Representation and a Retention-boosting Patient Experience

  • There are many reasons for patients dropping out of studies. Some are easy to avoid: travel difficulties, financial challenges, pressure of work-life commitments - essentially the burden of participation.
  • We look at how today’s smartphone and wearable technology can combine with smart thinking, delivering better data and a more compassionate and immersive patient experience.
  • Discover how innovative door-to-door travel management and rapid reimbursement enables sites to recruit from further afield, accessing parts of the community previously thought off limits.
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About the presenter 

Chris Wells, Senior Director of Patient Concierge Services, leads Illingworth Research’s patient concierge division, PatientGO, supporting sites and patients with travel, accommodation and expense reimbursement services.