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Data Management

Reliable Compliant Data Capture

Our clinical data management services provide a means for those engaged in clinical trials to capture reliable data from their trials in a way that is efficient and complies with regulatory guidelines. We acknowledge that each trial is unique and as a result data management needs to be flexible in its approach whilst still delivering overall quality and efficiency to the trial.

Our diverse therapeutic experience assists us in understanding the needs of your trial data. We assign a team based on their individual experience and how we feel best to support you. We have also worked in all trial phases and appreciate the different data challenges this can bring also. Illingworth wants to support the smooth completion of your trial whilst also ensuring happy patients and valid quality data.

Why Use Open Source Software?

Illingworth use the open source software OpenClinica. By using open source software, we avoid the costs of expensive software licences and can pass those savings on to our clients. The open source software model also has well-recognised advantages in terms of reliability, security, and speed of bug fixes. OpenClinica is secure and reliable software, providing sophisticated data management capabilities such as double data entry, audit trails, query management, and reporting.

From Our Services You Can Expect:

  • Excellent patient safety management and where possible a new patient-centric approach to data collection via innovative technologies.
  • Assistance in tailoring the design of your eCRF/CRF/ePRO and clinical database
  • Protected data which has been subject to rigorous risk management
  • Consistent and real-time access to trial data at all time
  • Processes and data quality that meet quality assurance and regulatory requirments