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COVID-19: Wear Red for Research

The Red for Research campaign focuses on encouraging people to wear red to demonstrate their support and appreciation for all those participating, undertaking and supporting the research into COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.

As well as the nurses working on the front line treating COVID-19 positive patients, there are teams of bench scientists behind the scenes working around the clock to develop new diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. Within Illingworth Research, there is a global team of Mobile Research Nurses driving around seeing clinical trial patients within their homes. During this crisis, our nurses are in more demand than ever, ensuring as many patients as possible can continue important clinical trial treatments and taking the burden from an overstretched National Health Service.

Our nurses are supported by an amazing team of dedicated staff facilitating the mobile effort.  The team have had to adapt and, in some cases, take on new roles, which everyone has done gladly and rapidly to support the effort. Our support staff have transitioned to working from home (including the very popular Friday virtual drinks event) and are focused on doing their bit towards the whole COVID-19 effort.

A time like this brings out the very best in the majority of people. There is a real sense of togetherness. As a company, the same is true.  There have been some great examples of unity and of going the extra mile to help colleagues, clients and, ultimately patients.

So, lets go red in #Red4Research! It’s all about positivity, creativity and support in the face of adversity.  #Red4Research is completely inclusive – anyone, any age, anywhere can participate – children, adults, even pets… as you can see in our photos.