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Conferences Across The Globe: A Busy June!

June has been a busy month for Illingworth Research Group. In total, we have attended 5 conferences based in a variety of countries!

From America to Spain, we have been all over the world to spread awareness of our niche mobile research nursing service, medical photography scheme and CRO services. 

Our first conference was of course the ever-popular BIO bringing together 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions and other organisations. Naturally, this was a great opportunity for us to reach a wide range of different services and companies. This global event allowed us to meet contacts from across the globe. We were particular fans of the Australia pavilions wine evening.   

Next, we dashed over to exhibit at the American Cough Conference from the 7th-8th June. As an event which brings together health care professionals involved in improving cough management in patients, this was a great opportunity to make organisations aware of Illingworth’s specialist cough team including our involvement in cough and IPF studies. The event agenda focused on the therapy for cough and challenges in cough monitoring. 

While some of the team were at BIO we were also at PCMG’s annual conference in Sitges. Marketing Manager, Amy commented: “The agenda was brilliant! Really insightful, interesting sessions which could help inform some of our decisions in the near future… there were also some great networking sessions which provided a great opportunity to discuss how ourselves and others anticipate overcoming future opportunities and threats.”  

Next up was OCT, London. Our Business Development Director Richard Smith described the conference as “small but mighty” which represented numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies. As Illingworth Research now have offices in Colorado, USA more companies were keen to find out about the services we provide. Richard believes that OCT was a fantastic opportunity for Illingworth to get its name out there as companies were intrigued by our medical photography and clinical operations team.  

At OCT we had the pleasure of meeting fellow exhibitors Conversis: a specialist clinical translation organisation. Conversis shared our passion for patient-centricity, with their aim to "not just translate words on a page, we ensure that patients feel they’re truly being spoken to." We are hopeful we can build a close relationship with Conversis and further develop our own understanding of the nuisances of clinical document translation. Conversis added: “When we see CROs put so much effort into patient communication, it makes us all the more determined to help them replicate that level of excellence in the languages of their choice”.  

The Rare Disease Innovation and Partnering Summit was a first for us but hopefully not a last, as ever with Rare Disease based conferences, we relish the opportunity to showcase how our mobile research nurses can make clinical trial participation easier for patients, particularly within the rare disease space.  

Overall, a very busy June but hopefully the foundations of some very important partnerships have been made for the future. A fantastic opportunity for Illingworth to expand its global reach following the opening of offices in Colorado, USA and Melbourne, Australia.