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Australian Research Nursing Services

Taking the Trial to the Patient

Access to clinical trials in countries with densely populated cities and small rural communities is relatively easy for potential participants. Sites have access to the required population making recruitment less of an obstacle. A large country such as Australia with a dispersed population has challenges. Many live in rural areas. Sites can be a vast distance from patient homes. It is therefore not a surprise to learn that this can make clinical trial recruitment, retention, and overall logistical strategy more difficult. Our solution, is to take the trial to the patient. Illingworth innovates new solutions which enables these patients to participate and access the potential benefits of the trial whilst allowing them to live their lives as normal. We can complete trial visits in the home, school or workplace to suit patient needs.

Join our Research Nursing Team - If you are a registered nurse and are interested in joining our mobile research nurse group please contact Juliet Hulse, Associate Director of Research Nursing at juliet.hulse@illingworthresearch.com.