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A Week In The Life Of A CRA

More than a "Standard" CRA Role

The role of a CRA at Illingworth Research is very varied and includes many different tasks, in addition to the ‘standard’ CRA role. I say ‘standard’ CRA role, as I mean with many companies, being a CRA is limited to; site visits, including pre-study visits, initiation, interim monitoring, and close-out visits, and report and letter preparation.

Being a close-knit company, you get the opportunity to work in a variety of areas. Although I am employed as a CRA and perform regular site visits across all types of studies, I have been involved in tasks such as business development, including review of budgets, preparation of monitoring and communication plans, assisting with preparation of staff meetings including presentation of topics, training of company staff, identification of KOLs, and of course, making coffee for the boss. The variety of work means you never get the opportunity to have a ‘quiet day’.

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  • Check emails at home & call with a colleague about the new study.
  • Gather laptop, documents, and suitcase and drive to the airport.
  • Meet colleague at the airport and travel to Germany.
  • Check emails and outstanding site actions from last week.
  • Arrive at the site at 0830 and meet study nurse and PI.
  • Start review of eCRF against source data.
  • Train new study nurse on eCRF.
  • Discuss data entry timelines with the study nurse.
  • IMP accountability including a review of temperature logs.
  • Discuss protocol deviations with the PI.
  • Fly back to the UK.
  • Weekly TC at 9 am for another study & provide monitoring update.
  • Draft follow-up letter and report.
  • Prepare and review text for the company website.
  • Respond to emails.
  • Prepare COV presentation for another study.
  • Review budget for a potential new project.
  • Meet with training coordinator regarding staff training meeting.

Illingworth Research has a unique, fun, and friendly atmosphere, and really looks after its staff. Regular team meetings allow you to speak directly with your manager and your colleagues. Company-wide meetings give you the opportunity to meet with the whole Illingworth Research team, including all UK and US-field based staff. These 2-day meetings cover a variety of subjects, of which each member of staff has the opportunity to present. For example, if you have a particular interest in a certain therapeutic area or an interest in clinical trial regulations in Italy, then you have the opportunity to present to your fellow colleagues and share your knowledge.