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Our Expertise

Illingworth Research have expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas including:

Early Phase studies – Illingworth has a long history of managing and monitoring phase I studies, both in the hospital setting and in phase I clinical units. We are able to advise on the relative merits of individual phase I units throughout the UK, having worked regularly with most of them over the last fifteen years. (Read More)

Respiratory – Illingworth  Research  Group  Limited is a CRO with a long history working in respiratory clinical trials including asthma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic refractory cough. (Read More) 

Orphan Indicators – Illingworth has a strong background in working in a variety of different orphan indications including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Hunter and Hurler Syndrome and Graves Disease. (Read More)

Oncology – We have many years of experience in oncology with solid tumours, including breast, prostate, colorectal, head and neck and ovarian cancers, melanoma and other rare tumours such as glioblastoma. (Read More)

Medical PhotographerDermatology – We have particular expertise in the area of Dermatology having worked on psoriasis studies and numerous other skin conditions including wound healing and anti-scarring compounds. (Read More)

Medical Devices – Illingworth Research provides regulatory and clinical trial services to the medical device industry where we have extensive experience and knowledge. (Read More)

Cardiology and Cardiovascular – Our work in the cardiology and cardiovascular therapy areas includes studies on stents, artificial valve replacements, hypotension, (Read More)

Infertility, Women’s Health & Endocrinology – We have many years of experience in working with infertility, women’s health, and endocrinology, particularly with various female and male infertility conditions including studies in IVF. (Read More)

Pain Management – We have worked with a wide variety of pain management drugs including first-in-man studies through to those used in the oncology setting, particularly in pain associated with metastases secondary to prostate or breast cancer.