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Comments from our Research Nurses

Below are just a few comments from our professional research nurses.

The Illingworth Research Group recruits experienced Research Nurses, from a variety of clinical backgrounds and wide ranging therapeutic areas of experience. All of our nurses hold GCP certification and work within Illingworth’s SOP’s and policies (and or site SOPs where applicable) and undertake appropriate study training. All of the above factors mean our nurses are well prepared for any study they are invited to work on – both on and off-site.

We undertake comprehensive pre-engagement checks in line with our Company policies when recruiting our nurses. Below are examples of feedback received from our research nurses regarding their experience of joining the Illingworth research nursing team.

The comments are our nurses discussing their experiences of getting started as an Illingworth Research Nurse.

  • “I have been really impressed by the professional process of set up within Illingworth… I am really looking forward to working on the study.”
  • “Illingworth: Thank you very much for all your hard work setting us up we were impressed with how efficiently you set us up, it was the best experience we’ve had. Thank you for all the hard work with the iPads / phones they all worked seamlessly at training today and everyone was very impressed to find their emails waiting for them as they logged on!”
  • “I’m looking forward to working with Illingworth Research Group – Research Nurses Team, everyone seems so friendly.”