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About Us – Research Nursing

Illingworth Research Group’s Research Nurse offering was founded as Clinical Development & Support Services Ltd (CDSS) in 1998 and has also traded more recently under the name of ResearchNurses.co.

The provision of highly trained, qualified and experienced research nurses to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and medical device industries, across a range of different therapeutic areas is a service we hold dear and truly believe in the patient centric approach within the clinical trial environment. We are proud to deliver a professional service in line with the highest standards of clinical care and regulatory adherence.

What makes Illingworth different from other providers offering visits outside of the site clinical environment – at home or workplace is the research nurses we employ.

Our experienced clinical trial nurses work on clinical trials on a daily basis and, as a result, have current, relevant experience on which we can draw. The provision of a mobile clinical research nursing service undoubtedly supports the clinical trial enrolment and retention.

Having a large bank of research nurses globally enables us to select the right nurses to support both site and patients in appropriate geographical locations. This includes both adult and paediatric research nurses and we have also supplied midwives for relevant trials.