Illingworth Research Hires in Australia

We are very pleased to announce that Joanne Lemura has joined the company as Research Nursing Team Manager based all the way in Melbourne, Australia. This is an exciting new venture for the company and will hopefully help to further expand our mobile nursing services throughout Australasia.

Joanne is a Registered Nurse at degree level, with thirteen years post-registration experience, with over 8 of those years working in the field of clinical research. Her clinical research experience broadens to both CRO and UK NHS settings, and working on all phases of clinical trials, including first-in-human, in a variety of different therapeutic areas and indications such as respiratory, pulmonary hypertension, Friedreich’s ataxia, oncology, sickle cell disorder, haemophilia, vaccinations and patients receiving genetically modified therapy, to name but a few.

Joanne kindly commented regarding her focus on patient safety and care. “Being a team player is about participating actively in tasks and supporting one another as part of a group of people working toward common goals. Effective teamwork creates momentum, improves morale, and enables learning, so reducing the risk of errors and thus contributing to patient safety.”

John Illingworth, CEO believes that this appointment will facilitate the development of the mobile research nursing service throughout Australia and New Zealand “Following our recent visit to Australia, it is clear that the more we can do to make the life of a trial participant easier, the better it will be for all clinical trial stakeholders; patients, carers, sponsors and investigators alike. In a large country such as Australia, the patient centric focus of trials lends itself further to mobile research nursing with its clear benefits to both patient recruitment and patient retention.”